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Thank God for Imitrex. The first tablet I took stopped the headache and didn't have any side effects the first time. The next time I took it I felt shaky. The only side effect that I get from Imitrex is jaw pain. But at least my migraines are no longer in my back. Just make sure that if you are needing two 100mg tablets a day for several days in a row and you still aren't getting relief. Consider a preventive or have a backup. I don't have nearly as many headaches anymore.

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At first, I thought it was great- no headache. Then, the more frequently I used the medication to treat my migraines, the more debilitating side-effects I began to experience. I could first mitigate the burning/pain and weakness in my head, neck and jaw and the general feeling of malaise/fatigue by the administration of Naproxen or Ibuprofen prior to the Imitrex, but then, even that ceased to be effective. I finally quit after experiencing total body weakness, a more severe burning/pain in my upper extremeties than ever before (accompanied by fluctuating hot/cold sensations everywhere else), irregular heartbeat and irregular breathing after administration. If you experiencing adverse side-effects- it gets worse! Please, find something else.

Discovering, developing, producing and advertising merchandise that improve and save lives are all components of working within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Generic contains the same active drug substance as the original (patented) drug. It might differ from the unique medicine by auxiliary substances (inactive ingredients, fillers, preservatives, dyes, and many others.). The manufacturing course of could also be completely different as well.
The I-SaveRx program later foundered after, among different issues, the FDA blocked some drug shipments from Canada Sebelius, nevertheless, went on to be appointed President Barack Obama's first secretary of Health and Human Providers, a division that includes the FDA.
Prepare for the trash. If the drug label has no disposal directions and there are not any take-back programs in your area, get rid of unused drugs with your household trash. But first, put them right into a sealable plastic bag (if the remedy is a pill or capsule, dissolve it in a bit of water first.)
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