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Can you take ibuprofen with blood pressure tablets? As ibuprofen is a type of NSAID, you shouldn't take more than one of these at a time or you 'll have an increased risk of side effects. NSAIDs can also interact with many other medicines, including: some types of antidepressants – used to treat depression. beta-blockers – used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension)
What is the safest blood pressure medicine? For people with high blood pressure, there's a range of other approved medications available that may be safer and more effective than alpha-blockers and alpha-2 agonists. Both Yancy and Clements point out that those medications include: thiazide diuretics (chlorthalidone, hydrochlorothiazide)
Are headaches a side effect of blood pressure medication? Do not stop taking your medicine until your doctor says that it is OK. Most people who take high blood pressure medicines do not get any side effects. Like all medicines, high blood pressure medicines can sometimes cause side effects. Some people have common problems like headaches, dizziness or an upset stomach.
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