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Can bacterial infection be detected by blood test? The first confirms an infection, while the second test differentiates the cause as either viral or bacterial. There are 11 to detect an infection and seven to determine bacteria or a virus. This is done in a lab with a simple blood sample, and takes about an hour.
How do you know when an infection is healing? As your wound heals, look out for these signs, and check with your doctor if you have: Redness and swelling. A lot of pain near the wound. Thick, grayish fluid draining from it. A fever higher than 100.4 F. Red streaks near the cut.
Is Bactroban available over the counter? Official Answer. There will be nothing comparable to Bactroban available over the counter. Bactroban is used to treat infections of the skin such as impetigo.
Can fungal skin infections be contagious? Other similar fungal infections can affect the scalp, feet, groin and nails. These fungal infections, medically known as "tinea", are not serious and are usually easily treated. However, they are contagious and easily spread.
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