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How long can you live with melanoma? Survival rate. A person's response to treatment will affect their chance of survival. According to the American Cancer Society, the 5-year survival rate for stage 4 melanoma is 15–20 percent. This means that an estimated 15–20 percent of people with stage 4 melanoma will be alive 5 years after diagnosis.
Do vitamins give you cancer? Is it true that some vitamins or supplements can cause cancer ? Answer: In general, getting sufficient, but not excessive, amounts of vitamins and minerals from your diet and supplements may reduce your risk of cancer, while inadequate or excessive intakes may increase the risk.
Can last stage of cancer be cured? As a general rule cancers that have spread are difficult to treat and are unlikely to be cured in the long term, although treatment can help to shrink or control them. Occasionally a cancer that has spread can be cured, but this would depend on the circumstances.
How fast can cancer spread? That means that even fast -growing tumours require several years to reach sizes that can be detected by medical diagnostic imaging methods. It's been determined that the average volume doubling time for acute leukaemia is roughly 2 weeks, 3 months for breast cancer and 6 – 12 months for myeloma.
After the president said he wouldnt order attacks on Iranian cultural sites, Trevor Noah said he made obeying international law sound like an optional topping at Chipotle. The TV personality, 38, styled her blonde locks into an updo and also sported a pair of black and white trainers for the outing in Studio City on Tuesday. When Ivorian artist O'Plerou Denis Grebet was looking for free stock hydrea images of Africa for a project, he only came across negative images of disease and poverty. This picture accompanying an article concerning the Olympics (November 7 2009) mistakenly showed the wrong woman. We are happy to clarify that the Anna Begum pictured had no connection with this story and we apologise to Ms Begum for the distress and embarrassment caused. Forest Green Rovers, the world's first U.N.-certified carbon-neutral soccer club, has won planning approval for a stadium made almost entirely out of wood. David Doyle reports. But he is comfortable with his success of having won 20 tournaments and played in the Ryder Cup four times.
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